IEWatch Professional

IEWatch is a browser extension that helps you achieve your web development and web analysis tasks more efficiently. Combining power and flexibility with ease of use, IEWatch appeals to an entire spectrum of web professionals:

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  • Web Developers can debug HTTP and HTTPS traffic and analyze Cookies, POST and GET information or locate HTML code by directly clicking in the web page.
  • JavaScript and Ajax developers can quickly test scripts against a production web page without having to modify the server code.
  • Web Analysts can dissect the HTTP traffic related to web analysis tracking code, using the powerful filter and search capabilities, or simulate Web Analytics HTTP requests using the Request Builder tool.
  • Web Site Designers generally have to provide many mockups before receiving a final approval. With IEWatch, you can create prototypes by quickly modifying any existing web page on the internet.
  • System Administrators can analyze HTTP data and identify performance bottlenecks by using the HTTP performance chart.
  • Quality Assurance Engineers can use this tool to dig deep into the inner workings of web applications to find hidden issues. IEWatch makes the inner workings of a web site transparent, allowing you to isolate issues and verify the data security of web sites.

IEWatch has been featured in Microsoft Developer (MSDN) magazine and has received 5 star and editor choice ratings from CNET and other major software download sites.

WebReplay Free and Professional

WebReplay is a browser extension for advanced web automation and testing. With WebReplay you can fill web forms, automate web applications and upload files, along with many other activities. It has never been this easy to automate tests and tedious tasks on your favorite websites.

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  • Power Surfers can automate repetitive tasks on their frequently visited web sites. Furthermore WebReplay can store your login information in one central place.
  • Web Developers can quickly run regression tests on their development web sites before QA handoff or releasing their code to the production environment.
  • JavaScript and Ajax developers can create WebReplay scripts to test the functionality of their web applications.
  • Web Analysts can use WebReplay combined with IEWatch to regression test web sites to make sure that all pages are sending the correct web analytics requests.
  • System Administrators can log and analyze the page load times of entire web sites and quickly identify web page outages.
  • Quality Assurance Engineers can use WebReplay to automate web applications and to perform functional and regression testing. The combination of WebReplay with IEWatch allows QA personnel to create highly reproducible tests while collecting HTTP information to track down hard to find bugs.

New! WebReplay Version 2.0 launched! Click here to see What's new in WebReplay 2.0.

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IEWatch Professional was selected as a winner of the Microsoft® Internet Explorer Add-On Contest, and was presented at Microsoft® TechEd 2007 in Orlando, FL.

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