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Version History

Version 3.1.2 - Mar 27, 2006
  • Fixed: Logging HTTP requests on popup windows didn't work in all cases.
  • Fixed: Crashing issue that happened in some very rare cases, mainly if the HTML page contained a lot of JavaScript.
  • Fixed: Software protection issue with Virtual PC environment.

Version 3.1 - Feb 28, 2006
  • New: Added "Notes" column to the main list. Notes can be used to label specific requests or to relate HTTP requests to HTML pages.
  • New: Option to automatically populate the Note column with the HTML page title.
  • New: The position of the selected HTTP item and the cursor position in the HTML window are displayed in the status bar.
  • New: Added 'reset to default' button to the IEWatch Settings dialog.
  • Fixed: POST data was not stored on certain pages that were sending multiple POST requests.
  • Fixed: External JavaScript was not displayed if the URL was relative and referenced a sub directory.

Version 3.0 - Dec 12, 2005
  • New: Added "HTML Spotlight" feature which allows quick pinpointing of code by directly clicking in the web page.
  • New: Highlight images directly in the web page for image requests in HTTP Analysis mode.
  • New: Locate and highlight HTML elements in the HTML code window.
  • New: Locate and highlight HTML elements in the web page.
  • New: Added Last Modified and Charset attributes to the HTML summary.
  • New: Various improvements in HTML Analysis mode.
  • New: XML Schema that describes the structure of the XML log files.
  • New: The filter functions now allow most extensive filtering, including filters on HTTP headers and response content.
  • New: Various improvements to the Help file and context help.
  • Changed: The software protection method has been changed (requires new license keys).
  • Fixed: The find up function in the Find dialog has not been working correctly.
  • Fixed: String termination issue when displaying the response content.

Version 2.6 - Sep 13, 2005
  • New: Added support for IE 7 Beta 1 (build
  • New: Load saved log files into IEWatch.
  • New: Save xml log files in 'Long' and 'Short' format. The long format also contains the response content.
  • New: Compare requests by selecting two requests from the main list.
  • New: The image load time, width and height are now displayed in HTML mode.
  • New: The HTML summary now shows the 'Page Weight' statistic.
  • New: Authentication HTTP headers for basic, digest and NTLM are now displayed.
  • New: The response sizes for requests that that use 'chunked encoding' are now displayed.
  • New: Log request on Internet Explorer startup. The previous Play/Pause state is remembered for the next startup.
  • New: Added Refresh button to HTML mode toolbar.
  • New: Added the 'Word Wrap' option for HTML, CSS and JavaScript views.
  • Fixed: Crashing issue when clearing the list while requests are retrieved.
  • Fixed: In some cases trailing CRLF characters created empty entries in the header list.
Version 2.3 - Jul 29, 2005
  • New: Receive notifications regarding upgrades and new versions. This feature can be turned on/off in the IEWatch Settings dialog.
  • New: IEWatch licenses are now issued on a per user basis. A licensed IEWatch user can apply the same license on any computer that is exclusively used by them.
  • New: Improved help file and context help.
Version 2.2 - Apr 23, 2005
  • New: Comprehensive context help for all status codes and HTTP headers defined in RFC 2616. To view help on a HTTP header, select the entry in the list and press F1.
  • New: Navigate IEWatch by just using the keyboard. Most IEWatch functions are now available with accelerator keys. The Find window can be displayed with CTRL-F and pressing the enter-key in any list will show the default dialog.
  • New: Error codes returned from Internet Explorer are now displayed in the status column of the main list.
  • Fixed: Accuracy of HTTP request duration readings and the page load time displayed in the HTML Analysis Summary have been improved.
  • Fixed: Requests that are returned from the Internet Explorer cache are now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed: Some GET requests that were following a POST request have been incorrectly displayed as a POST in the main list.
Version 2.1 - Feb 17, 2005
  • New: HTTP information can now be written into log files. The log files can be saved in XML (.xml), Comma Separated (.csv) or http text dump (.txt) format.
  • New: Added the 'Search' and 'Favorites' tabs to the help file.
  • Fixed: Fixed formatting of certain http headers where both the name and value were displayed in the name column.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with the installation requiring a windows reboot on Win2000 and XP.
Version 2.0 - Sep 10, 2004
  • New: Sort-able list controls. All list controls are now sort-able by clicking on the list column headers.
  • New: Display of redirect headers. Redirect headers are displayed in the last column of the main list. A unique redirect-follow feature will automatically highlight the related redirect request when clicking on the redirect URL.
  • New: The HTML, JavaScript and Style Sheet content is displayed in a color coded pop-up window when double clicking an entry in the main request list.
  • New: Clear request list with every new page. Selecting this option in the Settings dialog will clear the main request list with every new page loaded.
  • New: Remember last filter settings. Select this option in the Setting dialog to remember the last used filter values.
  • New: Remember Window settings. Select this option in the Setting dialog to save the settings for the dialogs and list columns.
  • New: Redesigned application icon, toolbar and dialogs with Windows XP style look and feel.
  • New: Improvements in code efficiency and performance.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue when clicking on a Script entry in HTML Analysis mode where the message 'Script Code not available' was displayed.
  • Fixed: Fixed bug with some response headers being truncated if they didn't comply to the rfc specification.
  • Fixed: On some Windows systems the message 'Your trial period has expired' was displayed after the initial IEWatch installation.

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