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IEWatch Professional offers an array of distinct and innovative features to fit the needs of today's web professionals.

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HTTP Features:

HTTP Features
  • Captures HTTP and HTTPS - - HTTP(s) headers including authentication headers, status codes, Cookies, URLs, POST data, Query Strings and Response Content are recorded.
  • Export Data - - The HTTP Log can be saved in various formats, including XML, comma separated and text format. The XML structure is described in the XML Schema.
  • Filters - - IEWatch allows the most extensive filtering, including filters on HTTP headers and response content. You can store up to seven Filter definitions.
  • Find in HTTP Log - - HTTP search functionality that displays the results in separate panes. Unlike the filter operation, the Find in HTTP Log function can be applied after browsing to repeatedly search in the HTTP log.
  • Dynamic HTTP Header help - - Comprehensive help for HTTP headers and status codes are available by simply pressing the F1-key.
  • Compare Requests - - IEWatch allows comparing two requests using an external diff utility, for example Microsoft® WinDiff.
  • HTTP Notes - You can use notes to tag specific HTTP requests. Notes can be useful to relate HTTP requests to HTML pages.
  • HTTP Performance Charts - - Use the Timeline Chart to spot performance bottlenecks and to tune the performance of your web site.
  • Automation Interface - You can use the automation interface to integrate IEWatch with your favorite testing framework.
  • Docking Windows - - Configure your work area with Visual Studio® style docking windows.

HTML Features:

HTML Features
  • Tree view of the HTML structure - The tree view reflects exactly the structure of the HTML page even if the page contains many sub documents. You can drill down on HTML elements to display details on links, images, scripts, style sheets, applets, ActiveX objects and forms.
  • Page Summary - The Page Summary window displays statistical information on the web page including page load time and page weight.
  • Image List - IEWatch shows you the image size, height, width and the download time of the image in one glance.
  • HTML Designer - - Allows visual HTML modification by clicking and editing items in the web page.
  • Rapid Prototyping - You can modify the HTML Style Sheets and Scripts of any web page to quickly test code or develop prototypes without having to create development environments.
  • Script Debugging - - Use the Immediate window to trace debug messages, evaluate variables or issue commands.
  • Highlight HTML elements - - Locate and highlight HTML elements in the HTML code window. This feature applies to any link, image, applet, ActiveX control or form element.
  • HTML Spotlight - - This feature allows quick pinpointing of any element in the HTML code by directly clicking in the web page (Patent Pending).
  • Docking Windows - Configure your work area with Visual Studio® style docking windows.

IEWatch Tools:

IEWatch Tools
  • Capture Screenshot - - Take screenshots of a complete web page or Internet Explorer window and email or save the screenshot.
  • Window Transparency - You can apply transparency to the IE window which is useful for comparing a modified page or image to the original. Additionally you can apply transparency to the IEWatch window to monitor HTTP traffic while viewing the web page.
  • Resize IE Window - This tool allows developers to resize and fine tune web pages to different screen sizes.
  • Color Picker - - You can pick the color of any pixel on the screen or you can choose a color in the color palette. This tool integrates seamlessly with the rapid prototyping features.
  • New! Request Builder - - This powerful yet easy to use HTTP Request Builder allows you to simulate and test HTTP Requests.


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