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Customer Testimonials

I've be using IEWatch for three years now. It is one if the most user friendly software solutions I have ever used. The support was excellent and the response time to queries was very quick. I use this product almost daily in tracking down issues with our clients web pages. Not only did the capabilities and pricing appeal to me, the support and helpful information I received was superior. I would recommend this product to anyone and I do.

Curt Brown
Director, Systems Engineering, WebSideStory, Inc.

"IEWatch is perhaps one of the most useful tools available for doing any sort of web debugging! With the ability to view every aspect of the communications between the web browser and the web server, I can quickly and easily view/debug my applications. I especially appreciate the log file ability; this enables QA to utilize the application and when they encounter an issue send the log file to me for easy viewing of the specifics, all that and over SSL as well! I don't know how anyone can live without IEWatch! Thanks for a fantastic product!"

Eric Brown
Sr. Software Engineer

"My job requires me to dig deep into the inner workings of web applications. I use IEWatch to find hidden issues with web sites that are not apparent by exercising black box tests. IEWatch helps me understand the inner workings of the web site and how to break it so that our customers have the best possible experience. At the end of the day, I have to make sure that the released product has a high degree of software stability and data security and IEWatch helps me accomplish it."

John Stephens
Sr. Quality Engineer, QualSoft Group, LLC

"My engineers are using IEWatch and it saved us a lot of time and headache. To give an example, one of our new servers was running on a date in the past which caused cookies to be deleted. IEWatch quickly helped us pinpoint the issue so we could maintain service uptime >99% for our clients. Thanks!"

David Ting
Sr. Director of Engineering, Entriq, Inc.

"IEWatch's ability to display decrypted HTTPS request and response headers has saved me many hours of debugging. It should be in every web application developer's tool kit!"

Pedro Morales
Co-Founder, TriView

"I have been consistently recommending your product to others in my field. It is a great time saver for web application developers like myself!"

Tom Bruser
Web2Go Corporation

"Just wanted to tell you how much I love IEWatch. It has already saved me a huge amount of time. After a few days of using IEWatch the license already paid for itself!"

Ignaz Walgis
Sr. Software Engineer, Co-Owner, Chili Solutions GmbH

"This is a very good product and has assisted us greatly in some debugging of our own applications. As you point out in your own literature it also assists one in a better understanding of HTML."

Graeme Bryce
Factonomy Ltd

"I love IEWatch :) It's working great. I don't use it often, but when I do I can rely on it."

Kresimir Petric
President, WeOnlyDo! Software

"I use IEWatch daily and can't imagine doing my job without it. Thanks for creating such a useful product!"

Paul Grous

"I wanted to create a program as an alternative interface to a website. IEWatch allowed me to see the requests I should be sending and the responses I would be receiving. This made the task trivial. I couldn't have done it without it."

Gary Russell
Web Application Developer

"Great product! Myself and the other software architects in my group have come to depend on IEWatch. It sure beats a network trace for http viewing. It's tough to impress the guys in this office, but everyone here loves it. Thanks for the great product and excellent support."

John Adkins
Software Architect, Gas and Electric Company

"I would be at a loss without IEWatch. It is our right arm when developing our software and helping customers with web related issues. We recommend it to all of our customers."

John Carter
Stoneware, Inc.


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