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Compare WebReplay Editions

Features Free Professional
Automate web sites Yes Yes
Scripting Support Yes Yes
Fill Forms Yes Yes
IEWatch Integration Yes Yes
Automate Flash Yes Yes
Debug Variables Yes Yes
Community Project Sharing Yes Yes
Community Script Sharing Yes Yes
Supports Popup Browsers Yes Yes
Supports JavaScript Popups Yes Yes
Upload Files Yes Yes
Export, Import and Email Projects Yes Yes
Execute page JavaScript Yes Yes
Ajax Compatibility Yes Yes
Number of Recordable Projects 5 Unlimited
Project Iterations 1 Unlimited
Input Data Table No Yes
Output Data Table No Yes
Output Text Window No Yes
Automated Screenshots No Yes
Identify web page elements by XPath No Yes
Parameterization No Yes
Project Scheduler No Yes
Regular Expression Support No Yes
Web Performance logging No Yes
Customer Support limited Yes


Compare Editions

New in Version 2.0

Features Video Demos


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