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Features Demos

Below is a list of WebReplay Demo Projects. These are simple examples of how to use WebReplay.
In WebReplay you can simply download a demo project by selecting ‘Browse Shared Projects’ from the 'Community Sharing' toolbar menu.

Demo Name Description Edition Video Link
Free Pro
Holiday Travels WebReplay demo on the Holiday Travels web site Yes Yes Holiday Travels
IEWatch Automation Automated logging of HTTP on the Holiday Travels web site Yes Yes Holiday Travels
Frames Demo Automate web sites that use frames Yes Yes   Frames Demo
Browser Popup Automate web applications that use browser popup windows Yes Yes   Browser Popup
JavaScript Popup Automate web applications that use JavaScript popup windows Yes Yes   JavaScript Popup
Flash Demo Use WinCoord clicks to automate Flash Yes Yes   Flash Demo
File Upload Automate file upload forms Yes Yes   File Upload
Address Book Use the Input Table to enter large amounts of data No Yes   Popup Demo
Site Performance Measure your site response times using the Run Log feature. No Yes   Holiday Travels


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Features Video Demos


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