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What's New in WebReplay 2.0

Project Scheduler

The Project Scheduler allows you to set a time to automatically run the script. You can run the WebReplay scripts without having to be physically present at the time the script runs. The execution progress and success will be logged in the Run Log.

Output Data Table

The Output Table spreadsheet allows you to store extracted values from web pages or from the script. This is very useful for extracting single line data, for example a link URL, to the spreadsheet.

Output Text Window

The Output Text window allows you to store values from a web page or from the script. This is very useful for extracting multi line data, for example a paragraph of text.

Identify web page elements by XPath

You can use an XPath expression to structurally identify a web page element. This allows you to specify a location in a table or a list, for example you could create a XPath that points to the table item in the first column and second row. XPath expressions are very useful for extracting and scraping data from web pages.


Parameters provide a way to access values that do not change over the course of a playback and allow the flexibility of changing the value without touching the script.

Regular Expression Support

Certain WebReplay functions take a RegEx parameter, shorthand for regular expression. The RegEx parameter is a very powerful tool to filter a string of text.

Ajax Compatibility

You can turn on Ajax Compatibility in the Project Options Dialog to tell the the WebReplay script to wait until an Ajax request is fulfilled before continuing to execute the next command.

Object Model Reference

The WebReplay Object Model is now fully documented in the WebReplay help file. You can access the objects and their methods and properties from the WebReplay script.

And More...

Other new features include an enhanced Tools Object that contains new features such as the CheckPoint method and many other enhancements...

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